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Remote Patient Monitor

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) service is designed to give better patient care and create a revenue source for Primary Care Physicians (PCP).

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What is  RPMbest for?

Patient can be monitored for multiple conditions(diabetes and hypertension. For example) but only bill Medicare for one service. Studies show that RPM saves Medicare about $250 per patient per month. RPM has been proven. via CMS studies to reduce falls, ER visits, etc. Most monitored patients with Medicare have no out of pocket costs.

Why RPM?

Remote Patient Monitoring is the next Level in Medical Technology, You will have the ability to monitor and get Real time updates on your Patients Data without having to monitor them yourself.

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Additional Revenue

Net Income

A physician monitoring 200 patients could generate a net income of $8,000 – $10,000 on a “No Touch Bases”
The diabetic patients are almost 100% compliant and eager to get their glucometer because

Net Income

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