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Proudly serving members of MediGroup, the nation’s largest GPO for physician offices, surgery centers and specialty clinics

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Full-service monitoring for your RPM devices

ExpandMD assigns dedicated, highly trained Health Monitors not just
to watch your patients’ data, but to help manage it as well. Based on the
parameters you define, we monitor daily readings, engage with patients to
ensure compliance, and take appropriate action when readings are out of range
– all without any involvement required by your busy staff. If your patient needs
to be seen, we’ll call them and schedule the office visit. And if someone has a
troubling reading after hours, our 24/7 team of ER-trained nurses is paying
attention and will call to triage the patient. (Service does not replace EMS)

We provide these services completely white-labeled so you patient
experiences them as simply an extension of your care. What’s more, you never
pay money up front and we only charge our fee when we meet the billing
criteria. In other words, you don’t pay if you can’t bill.

Our Mission

We will skyrocket your patient care (and practice revenue) with no
impact on staff

Our mission is to provide practices with the most reliable and
effective services, increasing productivity and income while allowing physicians to focus on patient care with minimal administrative burdens.

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