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Providing services to increase your practice revenue and boost patient care.

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Full service Monitoring for your RPM devices.

Learn about our hands free Monitoring

We are doing the work for you! Our team of trained professionals will take care of the  24/7 patient monitoring for. in turn reducing your overall costs of maintaining a large team to monitor all of your patients.

We are solving the problem many RPM companies have which is how do we ensure 24/7 monitoring for our clients while also cutting our own costs and staying profitable! well expand is here with a solution, we have a growing team of professionals that will do the monitoring for you!

Our Mission

We will Sky Rocket your practice Revenue and Patient care!

Our mission is to provide Practices with the most reliable and effective services that will increase productivity and income while allowing Physicians to focus on patient care with minimal administrative burdens.

All About innovation

Innovation is Key with our Resources We push the Limit’s of Technology within the Medical Industry.

Every business recognizes how important it is to innovate but many don’t have the resources or expertise to do so. The most common challenges Practices face is the pressure to generate Revenue & Profit. We aim to grow your practice revenue while Elevating Patient Care.

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