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Chronic Care Managment

ExpandMD CCM helps you stay on top of chronic conditions so your patients do better, your staff can focus on the patients in front of them, and your clinic revenue grows substantially.

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What is ExpandMD CCM?

ExpandMD CCM helps you and your staff take care of patients with chronic conditions by providing dedicated, highly trained Health Coaches to engage with and monitor your patients’ activities and adherence to their care plans.

Our friendly, professional team functions as an extension of your practice and your patients will experience the program as just another example of the great care they receive at your clinic. Like all ExpandMD programs, there’s no money up front, you’re payment is never due until after you’ve had a chance to collect reimbursement, and invoicing is always contingent on our ability to meet the billing criteria, so you don’t pay if you can’t bill.

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