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RPM the future of patient care

RPM the future of patient care

Remote patient monitoring is the use of technology to monitor patients remotely. Patients have access to their own data and information about their condition at any time. RPM provides real-time feedback to healthcare providers and helps them make decisions about treatment plans. RPM is being used by hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices around the world. A few examples of remote patient monitoring include:

  • Glucose monitoring
  • heart monitoring
  • and much more!

Remote Patient monitoring or RPM is a telehealth service that lets physicians and healthcare providers gather health-based data about their patients using mobile devices. RPM uses the devices such as various wearables and trackers that collect specific data on the patient’s health.

Here at ExpandMD we help RPM companies by taking care of the 24/7 device monitoring so they don’t have to!

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