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Importance of  CyberSecurity?

Cybersecurity  should be utilized by every doctor and practice to protect them from breaches and ransomware.  Cybersecurity  should be required by every organization for practices, pharmacies, facilities, every type of business, etc. that the organization interacts with to protect the organization from breaches and ransomware. Many breaches originate through outside institutions.  Listed below is the latest  Cybersecurity informational piece. Below are the breach guarantee amounts. They are not for publication and can be social. Details and language injection into contracts with the lawyers no ready yet.

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PL CyberSecurity

How It Works

Cybersecurity, a cloud-based cybersecurity platform purpose-built for healthcare, and priced specifically for the ambulatory market. The collective and perpetual goal is to provide military grade cybersecurity, and enterprise grade compliance at a price that is affordable to all-sizes of HIPAA Covered Entities. Part of the core mission is to ensure that all sizes of healthcare delivery organizations can afford a security and compliance program rivaling that of an enterprise health system.  Cybersecurity  check those “Yes” boxes, defending against breach events including malware, spyware, and ransomware.


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