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CredentialEasy Intelligent Design Mapping Technology

ExpandMD’s CredentialEasy is an Intelligent Mapping based platform that is far superior to standard credentialing methods. The platform was designed to be a perfect solution from the ground-up. It was strategically created to automate the workflows for all connections to payers to expedite and ease the credentialing process.


Why CredentialEasy?

– Less expensive Credentialing

– Unlimited Payer plans

– No Setup or Onboarding Fees

– Expedited Credentialing


Benefits of CredentialEasy:

– Increased Accuracy

– Minimize errors

– Eliminate administrative burden

– Reduce cost & improve roi

– Never miss a deadline


Services to assist renewals

Additional fees / charges may apply*

– Contract analysis

– Medical License

– Hospital privileging


– Board certifications

Before CredentialEasy

After CredentialEasy


Credentialing Solved

Payer credentialing is costly. Costly in time, stress, and oh yes money. And not just the direct cost to have the credentialing done but the stress and lost productivity costs. Not to mention that if the credentialing lapses, It could cost $10,000s, if not $100,000s in lost payments and reimbursements.

CredentialEasy solves the credentialing struggle every physician faces. And the best part is that CredentialEasy actually doesn’t call on providers directly, but rather focus on aggregators of providers. From start-to-finish the implementation and the system is fully automated providing exceptional outcomes. You’ll never have to call another payer to enquire about status again.



– Monthly Per Provider

( One (1) Year Agreement)

Unlimited to the number of

Payer Plan Credentialed

No Additional Setup or

Onboarding Fees

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– Yearly Per Provider

The most basic plan

Unlimited to the number of

Payer Plan Credentialed

No Additional Setup or

Onboarding Fees

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Are you Currently doing Credentialing For?

Large Practice, ACO, Surgery Center, Hospital, Billing Service, etc

If you are currently doing credentialing, ExpandMD CredentialEasy has solutions for you to improve the credentialing process. Please contact us to learn more.

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